Wazaif us-Shaakir Rasul ﷺ

About This Book:

Any person with the slightest bit of love for Rasulullah ﷺ will be extremely happy and overjoyed at having a kitaab of this nature in his possession. The flagship of this compilation is a qasidah compiled by Hazrath Allaama Anvar Shah Kashmiri (R.A.) For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Hazrath Allaama (R.A.) should know that he was amongst the greatest of Muhadditheen (scholars of Hadith) of all times.

Ulema have been in search of this qasidah for a long time, and those who managed find it could not benefit from it, as it was extremely difficult to translate. It was Hazrath Moulana Moosa’s (D.B.) extreme love for Rasulullah ﷺ that this qasidah came his way in a manner in which we can comfortably say was miraculous.

While Hazrath Moulana Moosa (D.B.) was in Medina Munawwarah, someone walked up to him, gave him the kitaab and walked away. All of us who were there with Hazrath Moulana D.B. were overjoyed and insisted and imposed upon Moulana to translate it into English and publish it.

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