Salaat & Salaam – 40 Duroods

About This Book:

Salaat & Salaam is a compilation of 25 salaat and 15 salaam from the Hadith and which is commonly known as the 40 Duroods. These Duroods have been extracted from the Kitaab,  Zadus Saeed – Provision for the Righteous, by Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Saheb (ra).  The compilation is in Arabic with English transliteration and translation. The transliteration uses a unique method of identifying the Arabic letter where there are two different Arabic letters to a single English letter. The concept being to familiarise those reading the Arabic transliteration with the Arabic letters. And hoping in the process to encourage them towards the Arabic language which is the language of Qur’aan, Ahadith, Islam and Jannah.

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