The Four Great Imaams

In this series, Dr. Hesham, Al-Awadi depicts the lives of the four great Imams. He beautifully describes their lives as  students, scholars and members of society. Dr. Hesham will take you along an inspirational journey through the life and genius of Imam Abu Hanifah, the dignity of Imam Malik, the talents of Imam al-Shafi’i and the steadfastness of Imam Ahmad. Dr. Hisham succeeds in presenting the Imams in a manner that allows the listener to relate to them, and consequently benefit from their great lives regardless of whether the listener is–or aspires to be–a scholar or not. According to the Quranic injunctions this is the most important objective of presenting history. This series belongs to a category of Islamic knowledge that is among the most needed: The knowledge that attempts to revive the Muslim identity and connect the Muslims to their rich heritage.

The Four Great Imaams

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Part 01 – Introduction And Historical Context

Part 02 – Imam Abu Hanifah – The Person

Part 03 – Imam Abu Hanifah – Teachers And Students

Part 04 – Imam Abu Hanifah – Society

Part 05 – Imam Malik – The Person

Part 06 – Imam Malik – Teachers And Students

Part 07 – Imam Malik – Society

Part 08 – Imam Shafi’i – The Person

Part 09 – Imam Shafi’i – Teachers And Students

Part 10 – Imam Shafi’i – Society

Part 11 – Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal – The Person

Part 12 – Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal – The Ordeal

Part 13 – Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal – Society