Latest Additions: Ilmul Meerath – The Islamic Law of Inheritance:

About: Ilmul Meerath – The Laws of Islamic Inheritance:

The Transfer of  Ownership of Assets & Current Assets to the Heir/s

Ilmul Meerath is a summarised version on the Laws Inheritance based on the Four Schools. It’s object is to impart a deeper understanding and greater insight into the Laws of Inheritance. Thus equipping one with the necessary knowledge to effectively and correctly implement the laws of inheritance when dissolving a estate and hence earn the pleasure of Allah. The detailed Laws of Inheritance are intricate and a specialist in this field should be consulted when the need arises.


Share Allocation Chart – PDF Chart

Ilmul Meerath – The Islamic Law of Inheritance – PDF Text

Tafseer Maariful Quraan – The Verses of Inheritance – PDF Text

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